Possibility Shawlette: Knitting Pattern. By Meaperfect

For those of you who know how to knit, here you go!

For photo, follow this link: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=961C396DD7AEF188!440&cid=961c396dd7aef188&app=WordPdf

Yarn: bulky one skein 100 g (color of your choice: solid, two colored, multi colored..)

Boucle bulky, one skein 100 g (one color to suit your choice above)


With Knitting needles 7 mm or appropriate needle size to fit yarn, Cast on 3 stitchesand Knit 6 rows

Then pick up and knit 3 stitches along the edge, (6 stitches)

Again pick up and knit 3 more stitches along the cast on side (9 stitches)

Row 1: K3 ,Yo , K 3 , Yo, K 3. (11st)

Row 2 : K3, Kfb, K3,Kfb, K3. (13st)

Row 3 :K3, Yo, K all st until the last 3 st, Yo, K3

Row 4 :K3, Kfb, Knit all st until 4 st,Kfb, K3

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until the end of the skein,or after you have 201stitches on your needles.

If you want a larger shawl you can add as many garter stitch rows as you wish.

If you want a stretchier border you can slip the first stitch of every row knit wise.

Switch to boucle yarn to start the border.

Row 1: K3, Yo, *k1,yo* repeat until 4 stitches remain, yo, k3

Row 2: k3, kfb, purl all stitches until 4 stitches remain, kfb, k3

Row 3: repeat row 1

To Bind off (picot bind off):

Step 1: Cast on 2 stitches

Step 2: Knit 2

Step 3: Pass first stitch over second stitch

Step 4: Knit, pass first stitch over second stitch

Step 5: Knit, pass first stitch over second stitch

Step 6: Knit, pass first stitch over second stitch

Step 7: Slip stitch back to main needle

Enjoy knitting and wearing it. ☺