How to Decorate Your Office

Spending long hours in an office is a bit of a downer if you don’t have the right atmosphere and pretty sights. It has a bit to do with Feng Shui, but we won’t be getting into that right now. You can decorate, rearrange, and organize your working space however you want to, as long as it is pleasing to the eye and mind. Plastic plants and trees have made it so easy to create an ambiance that can uplift and motivate someone to work for extra hours. All offices need a bit of decor to enrich the working environment. Here are 5 simple ideas that can be used to redecorate your surroundings.

  1. The reception or lobby area-A nice large area can be lined with tall trees and plants. If the space is smaller then use leaves, faux foliage and flowers. Bigger plants and trees will make the space look smaller.
  2. No need to put a plant on each desk. The common areas can be dotted with littler plants. On each desk, a smaller floral arrangement is ideal.
  3. Executive offices need a good setting. It can be done with a combination of plants and flowers. Colored flowers add to the power of the room.
  4. The conference room can be well decorated with a combination of faux flowers and plants. this creates a positive vibe for interesting discussions.
  5. Always choose artificial plants, trees or flowers depending on the lighting of the office. For example, bright flowers in a dark room work best. If a room gets sunshine, a green cover provides shade and tones down the darkness.

The best part of using fake plants is that you never have to water them or watch them die! Happy Decorating!


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