How To Be More Active

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we last posted, but we’re glad to be back and ready to share with you some cool news.

We all want to find new (and effective) ways to be healthier and more active during the day. But with school or work or just being at home, it’s hard to find that extra time to actually focus on a two-hour workout, right? Well we’ve found the coolest thing ever, and it doesn’t mean having to sweat it all out at the gym after work in one go. The key to being more active is to spread the activity throught your day – on an hourly basis, let’s say. Isn’t that sucha good idea? You would almost get the same effect but in a more laid back way, without the concentrated effort all at once.

We’ve also recently found a really cool gadget to help you do exactly just that.

 The Nike FuelBand

Most of you may have heard of it, but we really just love this little device and can’t get enough of it! Nike fuelBand is a bracelet which tracks your activity and is worn on your wrist. You can synchronize it with your iPhone or iPad device, after you’ve downloaded the application for it once you’ve purchased it, and it measures your activity.


download (1)


It tracks physical activity, the amount of energy burned, and how many steps you’ve taken. The information that is recorded onto the band is integrated into your profile into the Nike+ Community, allowing you to view your achievements, as well as your Facebook friends’ achievements. It can also track and record sleep movements and is able to tell whether you are walking or running.




Here is a list of its specs:

  • Sizes (circumference): small (5.97 in), medium (6.77 in), large (7.76 in) / Can be customized to fit using 0.32in or 0.63in inserts.
  • Width: 0.63in at LED, 0.75in at latch
  • Thickness: 0.27in at LED, 0.32in at latch
  • Weight: 27 g – 35 g (higher end includes insert)
  • Battery type: 2 Lithium Polymer Batteries (3.7 V)
  • Battery life: up to 7 days
  • Display type: 20 color red/green LED, 100 white LED
  • Display Modes:
  1. Time
  2. Energy burned (measured in Calories)
  3. Steps taken
  4. NikeFuel earned




We’ve been using it and we absolutely love it. If you need a reminder to get up and move every hour, Just Do It!



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