Gourmet Fashionable Easter Eggs – 30 Chocolate Delicacies

Gourmet Fashionable Easter Eggs

It’s a tradition – the most known pastry chefs, masters of sweets, each year compete with imagination and a playful sense to create the most delicious and appealing Easter Eggs. Chocolate that melt in the mouth and design that delight the sight. Here is a selection of some of the most beautiful Easter eggs. Enjoy and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!!!

www.astairwaytofashion.com Roberto Cavalli – Chocolate Easter Egg

www.astairwaytofashion.com Giorgio Armani – Chocolate Easter Egg

www.astairwaytofashion.com Les Marquis de Ladurée – L’Œuf Impérial Price- from €175

www.astairwaytofashion.com Cacao-Lab Milano – Chocolate Easter Egg

www.astairwaytofashion.com Les Fées Pâtissières – Œuf Eddie et la chocolaterie Price- €90

www.astairwaytofashion.com Majani – Chocolate Easter Egg

www.astairwaytofashion.com A la mère de Famille – La tête d’Œuf Price- €36

www.astairwaytofashion.com Fauchon – Œuf Paon Price- €795

www.astairwaytofashion.com Ladurée – Chocolate Easter Egg

www.astairwaytofashion.com Alain Ducasse – Œuf de Pâques Noir Price- from €18

www.astairwaytofashion.com Gâteaux Thoumieux – Les Œufs de Pâques aux couvre-chefs Price-…

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