The Perfect Dress


Let’s face it. All of us girls have had a hard time trying to find the perfect dress for that weekend outing, the wedding party, or just the LBD that they have always wanted. You’re googling all these dress onine and have been on dozens of shopping trips, coming out empty-handed.. None of those dresses speak out to you, and you think to yourself: What should I do to refine my search?

I believe that in order to find the perfect dress, you must fall in love with it at first sight! It’s useless trying to convince yourself that the color will eventually blend in with your skin tone, or that you will get used to the shape of it on you, or that the whole dress will more or less grow on you. It just doesn’t work that way.

The relationship between you and your dress must be one of love, respect, and understanding of each other. The dress should know you and understand you and really fits you the way you deserve. Even its color should be the color that you feel most comfortable in. But if you like black, it doesn’t mean that you should go out and buy a black wedding dress. (Your mother would not appreciate that black choice.) What I mean to say is that you have to pick out a color which suits you best, and also take into consideration the kind of event that you will be wearing it to.

Spring and summer welcome light, playful colors like pink, light green, light blue, white, red, peach, and other pastel colors. In fall and winter, darker colors would be best: black, navy blue, purple, brown, or other similar colors.

If you haven’t found the perfect dress (it should really scream at you the first time you see it), then you should keep on looking and never give up the search until you have found the exact one that feels right and looks right on you.

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You have to consider these factors when shopping for the dress you would like:

– Type of event

– Apropriateness

– Seasonal trending colors

– Your body shape

– Style of the dress

– Length

– Simplicity/ Sophistication of the dress (e.g: beaded stuff on it or not)

Keep these factors in mind while dress-hunting and that dress will be the best choice for your wardrobe.



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